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What all you get with your Dedicated Server

24X7 Support:

We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to facilitate a 24X7 technical support to our clients for dedicated server and other hosting services. This technical support will offer you round the clock access to our leading expertise in virtualization. Our team of experts ensures a quick solution for each of your query or grievance.

Free Remote Reboot

Free remote reboot feature provides you the full access to the power of your server through a convenient web interface. In an emergency situation, you will be able to recover your data quickly and get your server back online. It has been designed to order reboot to a server in the hour of need.

Free Set Up

In order to ensure convenience to our valued clients, we have come up with a unique feature of free set up service. The First time installation of hardware and software will be taken care of by our team of experts.

Original HP/IBM Servers

You can stay assured of quality of our products as we deploy original and reliable HP/IBM servers for rendering highest performance in business operations. With us, hardware installation is easy to perform and a hassle free process.

1 Gbps Uplink Port

With the help of 1 GBPS uplink port, CloudOYE ensures to provide good speed of server. It reduces the latency on the network level for your workload.

100% Dedicated Resources

With our advanced hosting plans, you obtain 100% dedicated protected resources. Due to this, you can stay assured of the fact that only you have access to your resources. No risk of sharing will impact your business operations.

Free Website Panel

Our website panel feature enables you to easily operate and manage your own website account. This feature will administer everything from a single interface and thereby simplify the deployment processes.

ECC Memory

Error correcting code ECC memory is a brilliant feature, which can detect and correct the most common kinds of internal data corruption or error. It is extensively used in computers where data corruption cannot be tolerated under any circumstances such as financial computing or scientific tasks.

Tier 3 Data Center

Data center is a facility where the majority of an enterprise servers and storage are located, operated and managed. Our data center is well equipped with cooling resources and equipment that are required to offer quality services. This facility is well protected thus ensuring the data and server security.

2 Public IP Address

With our dedicated server 2 public IP addresses are available to make your business operations more organized. Multiple IP address allows the computer to correspond with multiple networks at the same time. In times of need, you can sustain your normal course of business operations by switching over these IP addresses.

Free Nagios Account

To facilitate every instance with proficient and extensive monitoring and for better decision making / administration of your production set up at our end, we provide every instance with a preset Nagios based infrastructure and network monitoring which gives you an insight into the analytics of the performance and anything which may come critical to your business.

Unlimited Inbound Bandwidth

We provide our clients the benefit of unlimited inbound bandwidth. It offers the advantage of unlimited usage of dedicated server. Downloading of data becomes hassle free and less time consuming.

99.95% Uptime

Keeping a website up and running all time for optimum benefits is the main motive of a data center. With this regard, we utilize Clustered Cloud Environment to facilitate you with 99.95% uptime. Besides this, we utilize enterprise class hardware and highly advanced technology to avoid any data loss or downtime.

Root Access

We also offer root access to our clients that will provide full control of your server. Thus, it can be used for almost anything that you wish to include such as hosting multiple websites, third party software/applications, game servers etc. It is primarily a key based access, wherein we ensure the anonymity of the access of the person.

Latest OS

We believe that advancement and simplicity are two different sides of a same coin. To keep the process simply advanced, we provide latest versions of operating systems to our cherished clients for their business requirements.

Over 200+ OS choices

We understand that each customer is unique and has specific business requirements. In order to cater to such diversified demands, we offer over 200+ OS Template choices to our clients. These OS templates are pre-built, pre-configured & preset applications which are used in multiple combinations to achieve your specific requirements.

Free Server Migration

Server migration was never stress free like this. With the help of our free server migration services, this entire process will be streamlined by our expert migration administrators without any hassle. We will move your website files and databases from your old web hosting account to the new ones. Once your account is activated, our migration experts will take care of everything and will be available for you round the clock.

Ticket Based Email Support

We understand the value of time and money. In order to keep the process streamlined and organized, we provide ticket based email support to our clients. In such a case, if a client comes across any issue, then, he can generate a ticket and query will be addressed as soon as possible. You can also quote your ticket number for future reference.

Solution Design

We have a rich and experienced dedicated solution design team. This team ensures to design and develop a solution post understanding the requirements from the client.

Back Ups

With an aim of providing indispensible support, we set up scheduled auto backup at particular intervals of time period. It enables to keep a backup of all your web site data in order to safeguard it against any sort of risk. Furthermore, just by following few simple and easy steps you will be able to keep a backup of your valuable data.

DNS Management

DNS Management feature allows the domain owners to regulate their own DNS records. The term DNS stands for Domain Name System, which helps to translate Internet domain and host names into IP addresses. It basically offers an access to change your DNS, assists you to redirect an email to third-party servers or make a CNAME record or record or MS record. In this, service is transferred from one server to another automatically, in case if the designated server is unable to deliver the desired performance. We can also perform the DNS management on your behalf, in case if required.

Chat/Phone Support

You might face inevitable issues during the normal course of business operations. These concerns can be fixed in no time with the assistance of our devoted chat /phone support. Communicate with our technical sales representatives to keep your business operations up and running.

Free Upgrades

In order to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction, we proudly present our excellent range of dedicated hosting services and their FREE upgrades. Features ranging from security, content delivery, software and so on, we brought the best of the best to offer.

Money Back Guarantee

We understand our clients and their specific business requirements. At times, despite of our hard efforts and dedication to serve you with the best of our services and products, the results might seem unfruitful to you. Thus, we assure you a money back guarantee that promises a full and fair refund of your money. If you decide to cancel or withdraw from availing our services within the grace period of money back guarantee, then, your money will be refunded excluding any setup fees, domain registration, transfer or renewal cost.

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